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Ice Maker Troubleshooting 101

Ice Maker Troubleshooting 101: Many people make their own ice, especially in the summer. They purchase an ice maker or have one already built into the refrigerator. You don’t need to replace it, but you may need to replace its parts.

Ice Maker Troubleshooting: Causes and What You Can Do

1 – Leaking

If you have a leak, it’s probably because the ice maker is not level. The weight of the ice on one side of the ice maker can cause it to lean.

If you live in an old house, it’s likely that your ice maker is located in the top corner of the refrigerator, which could cause the front of the refrigerator to lean. When the refrigerator is level, the ice maker will work properly.

2 – Broken Water Valve

A broken water valve can cause your ice maker to leak. But it may not be the only problem. If the water valve is not working properly, your ice maker will fill with air. The air will push the ice cubes out, causing them to overflow. You’ll need to replace the water valve and test the ice maker.

3 – Partially Clogged Drain

The ice maker may have a partially clogged drain line. If it does, you’ll see a leak underneath the ice maker. The water will leak into the ice maker, and it will freeze. The ice will push the ice cubes out and cause them to overflow.

4 – No Power

If the ice maker isn’t receiving enough power, it may not turn on. It may also cause the ice maker to freeze up.

You’ll need to check the ice maker’s power supply. If one circuit is out, you may need to switch the circuit. You may also need to check the circuit breaker or fuse.

5 – Internal Issues

Sometimes, you’ll have ice that doesn’t come out properly. It may be broken. It may be stuck. It may not be sliding properly.

The ice maker may need to be reset. You can do this by pressing the on/off button and unplugging the ice maker. You also may want to check the level of the water in the ice maker. If it’s below the minimum line, it’s possible that the water is preventing the ice maker from dispensing.

Ice Maker Maintenance

When you buy an ice maker or any other appliance, there will be a product manual included. The manual will provide you with information on how to operate it.

You should also read up on ice maker manufacturer instructions. The manufacturer’s instructions will have detailed instructions on how to operate the ice maker. There is also a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be performed on your ice maker to ensure that it continues to work properly.


If you’re experiencing an ice maker problem, there are a number of things that could be causing it. Instead of calling a repairman, take a few minutes for ice maker troubleshooting. It could save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. You may not need to replace the ice maker or buy a new refrigerator.

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